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At our FEPSAC Congress, sport psychology and the field of sports psychology are in the spotlight!

We connect our worldwide best researchers, our top applied working experts with leaders from different performance areas!



15.07. 2024 (Monday) - 19.07.2024 (Friday)

Meet our people - Connect with our experts – Build new worldwide relationships – Share your ideas!

Why would you be anywhere else than in Innsbruck
from Monday, July 15th to Friday, July 19th 2024

Get energized for new insights in performance under pressure!

FEPSAC- Congress 2024:
European Congress of Sport and Exercise Psychology


FEPSAC-Congress 2024:
Performance under pressure in sports ,military/police,
performing arts, medicine, business and daily life.

Date: Monday, July 15th to Friday, July 19th 2024 in Innsbruck


Monday, July 15th to

Friday, July 19th 2024


Innsbruck – City of Sports

Congress Theme:

Performance under pressure


Connect and have the opportunity to network with important researchers, applied working colleagues and leaders from different performance areas.

In Innsbruck we will concentrate on our congress topic “Performance under pressure” and we are excited to share with you and our colleagues the newest scientific and applied insights. We will bring together some of the leading experts in performance psychology to discuss, debate and celebrate the impact of pressure on individual and team performances in different settings, and we’d love to see you there.

Performing under pressure is a common challenge for individuals in various domains, including sports, performing arts, business, and high-stakes professions (police, military, medicine etc.). Pressure situations can elicit stress, anxiety, and a range of emotions that can impact performance. However, with the right strategies and mindset, individuals and teams can learn to thrive and excel under pressure. We love to enhance our client’s abilities to perform at their best in challenging situations.

We will have participants and presenters from sports, military, police, performing arts, medicine and business settings. At our congress we connect the most influential people from these areas.

We will feature over 100 workshops, oral sessions and symposia, delivering continuing education on the latest techniques and practices in our field. For colleagues who are interested in deeper education we will have an intense pre-congress-programme covering hypnosis in sports, mindfulness in Olympic sports and a fine educational programme for becoming sport psychologists in professional and elite sports.

Who should attend our congress?
+ researchers and applied practitioners and mental performance consultants
+ colleagues from the world of sports (sport psychologists, sport scientists, sports medicine, sports psychiatrists, coaches, physiotherapists, decision makers and leaders of sport organizations)
+ Interested colleagues from other domains: Psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists, life and business coaches.
+ Students: PhD and master students
+ Coaches, Experts and Leaders in performing arts
+ Coaches, Experts and Leaders from police and military settings
+ Coaches, Experts and Leaders in e-sports and virtuality training
+ Your Partner and your family will enjoy Innsbruck and our social programme

Bring your partner and your family: Innsbruck is one of the world`s most attractive holiday destinations. In addition there is a remarkable cultural programme, from historical towns to top cultural events and traditional Tyrolean evenings. Tirol’s villages, towns and regions are famous for their traditional customs and celebrations as well as for being home to museums and other cultural attractions of the highest quality. Local inns are the ideal place to sample some of the delicious local specialties and relax after a long day out and about in the fresh air. And when things hot up in summer, there are plenty of crystal clear lakes to cool off, let your thoughts wander and simply lose yourself in the moment.

Your younger Kids will love you, if you bring them to Innsbruck. (Click to see more information)
Your Kids will love it. During the congress week your children from the ages of 6 to 13 can participate in our exciting Sports and Adventure Week from Monday, July 15th – Friday, July 19th 2024 . Free from performance constraints, your children can immerse themselves in the multi-facetted world of sports: volleyball, dodgeball, field hockey, basketball, dance, baseball, soccer, adventure lessons, gymnastics, apparatus gymnastics, and many more!


FEPSAC Trailer 2024


Our congress location Innsbruck attracts people from all over the world to get the best out of both worlds - the urban sophistication of a city and a spectacular Alpine playground. Innsbruck is famous for it´s tradition in professional sport, hosting the Olympic Games on three occasions. Several World- and European Championships in summer and winter sports were also held in here.

Our main thematic streams:

Elite sports- Health sports – Youth and School sports - E-Sports – Military – Police – Performing Arts – Medicine – Business

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